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Hong Kong: Circolation performs for 155.000 visitors! Big parade - Streetcircus - Circusparade - Circus in motionCircolation

What an adventure in Hong Kong! A big adrenaline rush to perform in front of 155,000 visitors with the latest performance Circolation. And... then also 1.5 million spectators at home via live TV.

It was a fantastic week, with very cool performances and even free time to experience a different culture. In total, there were around 2,000 performers at the big parade. Each group was allowed to show their performance for 1.5 minutes in the TV zone, after which the rest of the parade started through the enormous buildings and streets of Hong Kong. People shouting and cheering everywhere. 'Rows thick' is really an understatement in this case.

Rehearsal TV zone - Circolation - Circus form The Netherlands - At Hong Kong

Circolation - Parades - Streetcircus - Circusparade - Walking act - Roaming Entertainment

The circusparade Circolation at the big parade in Hong Kong

Hello Hong Kong - Performer Circolation Streetcircus

Streetparade Hong Kong - Circolation - Streetcircus - Circusparade

Hong Kong - Circus Circolation

Circolation - Roaming Entertainment - Street Performance - Parades - Circus act

Circo di Strada performs 'Circolation - circus in motion' at Hong Kong

Circolation performs at big event in Hong Kong

Photo: Circolation Stiltwalkers in Hong Kong


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