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Circo di Strada

The company

Circo di Strada is a company from The Netherlands that creates and performs unique circus parades. The circus parades have now performed on three continents. The acts have performed in for example, Dubai, Egypt, Qatar, Hong Kong, Macau (China) and several countries in Europe. These circus performances can be booked internationally and are perfect for large-scale events.

Circo di Strada developed five different circusparades since 2016. At this moment, two new parades are being developed. The performances of Circo di Strada are colorful, positive and unique. All performers have their own professional background in circus, theatre and/or dance. The parades performed all around the world. Read more about the circus parades of Circo di Strada.

Circo di Strada International performanc

Jori Veldhuizen

Owner & artist

“I am passionate about the world of theater, magic and circus my whole life. I always had the desire to combine my own passion and years of experience as an artist with other professional artists. Together we could create bigger performances, perfect for (large-scale) events. That is why I started the company: Circo di Strada. As an entrepreneur and artist I am multi-faceted. This combination is ideal: as an artist I work closely with the audience and fellow artists and as an entrepreneur I am always in touch with the client. That way I can create exciting new things for the audience and artists and, at the same time, I can make sure the performances will meet all wishes of our clients.”

Jori Veldhuizen Owner Circo di Strada In

Vera Weber

Creative manager & artist

“As a creative manager I am in charge of our creative studio and photography. In our studio I design the costumes and masks for the new parades. I also give input regarding the (new) performances from an artistic point of view. I have a passion for, and experience with, dance and body movement. That’s why I am a performing artist in the parades as well and help to develop the different choreographies.”

Vera Weber Circo di Strada.jpg

As a team, we are very proud of our (international) references, please take a look at it here. We are always happy to help you, please get in touch with us and we personally help you with your wishes and questions.

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