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Circo di Strada international performances:
  • 2016: Circo di Strada
  • 2017: Circo di Strada - By night
  • 2018: UniQcycle
  • 2019: Cirque Masqué
  • 2020: Circolation

Proud of our showreel!


Shopping festival

Dubai shopping festival Circo di Strada

Once again: thank you very much for your great work during Dubai Shopping Festival 2020! We have truly enjoyed the experience of working with Circo di Strada: from the beginning the communication was clear and thorough, prompt responses and well thought through paperwork was ready at our convenience. At the festival performers have put on a great show leaving audience in awe, multi-skilled team impressed us with ability to adapt to any challenge and keep the energy high at all times! 

Amsterdam arena

Toppers in Concert

Elke Briers Concertfotografie - Circo di

Toppers in Concert

Circus editon

3x 60.000 people


Circo di Strada performed in a sold-out Amsterdam ArenA on 25, 26 and 27 May 2018. They performed here with the Toppers during the Topppers in Concert. Circo di Strada fits perfectly within the theme of the concert "Pretty in Pink - The Circus Edition". The performance was a collaboration between: Toppers in Concert, Circo di Strada, Marc van Laere Productions and Bencha Theater.

Photo: Elke Briers Concertfotografie

Hong Kong

New Year Night parade

Circo di Strada by Night Lights Illumina

Circo di Strada, the street circus from the Netherlands, performed at the big Hong Kong Chinese New Year Night Parade. This event is the cities biggest and most colorful festival! Circo di Strada was part of 56 groups, of which 14 international groups. Disney was also joining the parade. This parade was live at TV.


O-Parade Genk

Circo di Strada International Entertainm

The tryouts and first performances of the act Circo di Strada were in 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

The international premiere of our circusparade was during the amazing O-parade in Genk, Belgium. Thousands and thousands of visitors enjoyed the parade. It was the best premiere we could wish!


Summer parades

UniQcycle circusparade parade cortege st

The circusparades performed at a lot of parades in France. 

The Netherlands

Parade Mundial

UniQcycle netherlands cycling cycle ente

As the organization of Carnaval Mundial we would like to thank you for your great commitment, enthusiasm and participation in our event! Together with you we have given the audience a beautiful summer evening where many beautiful reactions have come out and which memories are kept for a long time.

The Netherlands

De Pier - Scheveningen

Circo di Strada by Night Kermis Funfair

A super fine cooperation from A to Z. The preliminary phase went smoothly and clearly, which already gave me a familiar feeling. At the time of execution the huge WOW feeling, great performance that one will always remember!!! Everything taken care of down to the last detail, only happy TOP artists, clothing super quality and beautifully finished, everything goes as agreed and according to schedule. In short, no need to worry, everything happens as promised. 

Lam Tsuen

Chinese New Year

Lam Tsuen Circus Circo di Strada Chinese

Circo di Strada, the Street Circus from the Netherlands, performed two days in Lam Tsuen - Hong Kong, where the two major attractions "The Wishing Trees" and "Tin Hau Temple" attract many tourists. At the beginning of Chinese New Year the street circus performed for many thousands of people.

The Netherlands

Kingsday Zwolle

Circo di Strada Roaming Entertainment Ci

On Kingsday the King and his sequel celebrated his birthday in Zwolle. We provided the special circus street act, “Circo di Strada”! A Venetian-looking, colorful circus parade that traversed the area. Everything in beautiful costumes. Lots of interaction with the audience resulting in happy faces. Extremely professionally cared for. We had a pleasant cooperation and everything literally went smoothly. If you want to add something special to a beautiful event you have found it now. Looking forward to next time!

Next event

Your event?

Zwarte diamant

That will be awesome!

Macau, China

Night parade

Circo di Strada Streetcircus Netherlands

Circo di Strada, the streetcircus from the Netherlands, performed at Macau, China. Macau is known as the "Las Vegas from Asia". The circusparade performed at the beautiful Senado Square and at a big parade with thousands and thousands of visitors.

Award winner

Circo di Strada won an award!

Ardito Fotografie Circo di Strada award

The amazing Circusparade from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, has been awarded the Art & Culture Audience Award.
The circusparade has received many favorable reactions in a very short time at parades, street theater festivals, events, company parties and amusement parks: at home and abroad!

The Netherlands

Main stage - Intents Festival

Intents Festival Main Stage Circo di Str

Ladies and gentlemen, highly honored audience! The Circus of Insanity heads for the sunny south. Intents Festival attracts thousands of festival-goers to Oisterwijk in Brabant for the most crazy circus in the country: Intents Festival - Circus of Insanity! 

Circo di Strada performed at this awesome big event, not only as walkact, also on the mainstage during the anthem opening show!

The Netherlands

Themepark: Toverland

Circo di Strada by Night Lights Juggling

During the 6 midsummer evenings in Toverland, Circo di Strada provided street theater throughout our theme park. The act "Circo di Strada" was popular with our guests and the colorful parade was a feast for the eyes. From a juggler on a unicycle to stiltwalkers, everything was of a high level. The special costumes with colored lights are very beautiful and this made this act interesting in the evening. We were also very satisfied with the independence and punctuality of these artists, it was a pleasant cooperation.

The Netherlands

Cirque des Dunes

UniQcycle circus cirque zirkus bikes bik

In the summer of 2019, both UniQcycle and Circo di Strada were guests at the fantastic Cirque des Dunes event in Noordwijk aan Zee. Thousands of people enjoyed the performances!


Grand Prix Formula 1 event

Circo di Strada Formula 1 Bahrain Entert

Circo di Strada performed on April 14, 15 and 16 during the Grand Prix Formula 1 at the Bahrain International Circuit. 9 artists left from the Netherlands to Bahrain to perform there during the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. Taking on an assignment like this with our company is a dream come true, taking this trip with talented artists and performing our performance for many thousands of spectators is really cool.” 

Interview dutch news paper

The Netherlands

Lights On Parade Roermond

Circo di Strada Night Lights on Parade C

The collaboration with Circo di Strada at the Lights On Parade on November 8 in Roermond (an initiative of Designer Outlet Center Mc Arthur Glenn and the City Management) was great. Being able to make smooth agreements with Circo di Strada - By night was surprisingly beautiful! Nothing but praise from the thousands of visitors and the organization!


Photo: Sjoonfoto - Cord Beckmann

The Netherlands

World Forum The Hague

Circo di Strada by Night Corporate Event

Circo di Strada gave a fabulous performance to our company in honor of our 50th anniversary. The performance Circo di Strada suited the location very well, with these top artists with matching music we really felt like we were in a different world. The light costumes were on and the artists gave us a warm welcome, then escorted us inside and provided an extensive show on location. Circo di Strada gives exactly what an event needs, spectacle, fun and unforgettable moments!

World Forum The Hague 

The Netherlands

The Bazaar Beverwijk,

Circo di Strada Streetcircus Amazing Cir

When all smartphones go up in the air, you as an artist know one thing for sure: what you do, you do it right! Newspaper Noord-Hollands Dagblad

Colorful, swinging and above all juggling on top of everything that a normal person falls from, such as walking globes, stilts, mini-bicycles or unicycles, all while the juggling clubs were flying around.

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