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Cirque Masqué

Performance Cirque Masqué
  • 3-6 artists
  • Performs worldwide
  • Roaming entertainment, walkacts and parades
  • Unicycle, stiltwalkers, juggling, diabolo
Cirque Masqué - The elegant circusensemble
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Top quality artists with an elegant look, will give a chic experience to your audience. Combined with elegant costumes and wonderful music, giving your event a professional and cheerful ambiance. Cirque Masqué amazes with a combination of stilt walking, juggling, diabolo and unicycle. With an own mobile sound system incorporated into each costume for an even greater experience!

Cirque Masqué is available as walkact, roaming entertainment and parade.
The elegant circusensemble performs at:

  • Street theatre festivals

  • Theme parks

  • Parades

  • Shopping malls

  • Festivals & events

This performance is our smallest one and is very easy to transport!

  • 3-6 artists 

  • Transport by car and plane (NO cargo needed)

  • Technical rider available