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Circo di Strada by Night Lights Juggling

Welcome to the performances

of your dreams

Circo di Strada - International Circus Performances

Our performances

International walkacts - Parades - Roaming entertainment



Circolation walkact roaming entertainment parade.jpg

8-12 artists
​Acrowheel, t
heater, circus, dance
​,,  A


Acrobatics at unique bikes

UniQcycle netherlands cycling cycle ente

7-8 artists

Acrobatics, improvisation theater, unicycle, energy

Circo di Strada

Lights up by night

Circo di Strada by Night Lights Juggling

8-12 artists
Lights up with thousands of lights

Circo di Strada

The amazing circusparade

Circo di Strada Streetcircus Circus Cirq

8 - 12 artists
Juggling, unicycle, stilts, walking globe and much more

Cirque Masqué

The elegant circusensemble


3-6 artists

Juggling, diabolo, stilts, unicycle

Coming soon

A new act with lights!

tube Lights

8-12 artists
Stiltwalkers, juggling and more!

Coming soon
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