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New video: Circolation - Circusparade - Streetcircus from the Netherlands - Parade - Street performance - Roaming Entertainment - Mobile circus act - Circus in motion - Walkact - Acrowheel

Circo di Strada from the Netherlands created a new performance: Circolation. A new spectaculair circusparade with circus, theater, dance and amazing acrobats in a big acrowheel. Enjoy the video op the performance Circolation.

Video: Circolation - Circusparade - Streetcircus from the Netherlands - Circus in motion - Parades - Streettheater

Circo di Strada has developed several circus parades. They display these at parades, events, festivals and shopping malls worldwide. The first performance, Circo di Strada (after which the company is named) has performed in Dubai, Egypt and many countries in Europe. The illuminated parade with thousands of lights has also been seen in, for example, Macau (China) and Hong Kong. The act with acrobatics on unique bicycles, UniQcycle, has also been seen in several European countries, but also in Qatar and Bahrain. In the Kingdom of Bahrain, Cirque Masqué also shone during Formula 1.

After the success of these previous circus parades, Circo di Strada developed the Circolation performance. After a European premiere, it is time for an international adventure: they will show their skills in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year.

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